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Over the course of 10 months working with Pascale I can confidently say that it was without a doubt the best decision we made! 

"At first, we assumed that Pascale would be there to ensure everything runs in a timely manner, and that she would be there to ensure everything would go as planned. That was just her baseline. Our expectations were exceeded tremendously."

"The real MVP. For making the day go perfectly from start to finish."

"I can't tell you how impressed we are with Pascale. She perfectly balances being organized and thorough while being flexible even when we had unique requests. "

She focused on the details and thought of just about everything. Pascale is highly organized, easy to work with, creative and passionate about what she does.

"Calm, cool, collected. Real life miracle worker. I could go on and on. Pascale was the best money we spent on our wedding day."

She was so committed to making our dream wedding come to life and allowed us to truly enjoy all the moments leading up to our big day.

"With Pascale, - it was the finer details that were the most impressive to me. She thought of everything."

"Doing a wedding at your own property subjects you to a lot of surprises and way more vendors than a venue-style wedding. I can honestly say that I felt no hiccups on the day-of thanks to Pascale."

Looking back on our wedding day, I will be forever grateful for all that they did to make it the best day of our lives. 

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